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Artist Statement

My autobiographical project is The Book of Sarah, a graphic novel that will be published by Myriad Editions in 2019. Extracts fromThe Book of Sarah have already been published in The Jewish Quarterly (2014) and Art Review (2013) and artwork has been exhibited in The House of Illustration, Occupy my Time Gallery, London, Negev Museum of Art, Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, Space Station Sixty Five, London, Jewish Museum Florida, Oregon Jewish Museum, The Washington DC JCC, Yeshiva University Museum, The Gladstone Hotel, Koffler Centre for The Arts, Toronto,The Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco and many other museums and galleries worldwide.

The Book of Sarah is a text/image project that traces my life through drawings and animation films, a Jewish visual, feminist theologicomic.

Begun in 1995 when I was an undergraduate at The Slade School of Art, The Book of Sarah references the Biblical silence of my namesake, the Matriarch Sarah, and her unpreserved voice. The Book of Sarah transforms Jewish history into contemporary visual herstory using images and bridges the transition between two forms of knowledge - that which is learnt and that which is experienced, towards a multi-disciplinary world where I form a new way of engaging with theology and autobiography.

The exquisite, meticulous and often fragmentary pencil drawings that form the majority of The Book of Sarah transform often unhappy experiences into something beautiful, tracing my childhood and sibling rivalries, schooldays, intense religious orthodoxy when I studied in Jerusalem, my years at art school, romantic misfortunes, marriage and the birth of my son.

My aim is to distill time and experience into art that, though based on my own personal experience, can also have universal appeal and resonance.

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