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bombergs relevance  


Ben Uri Gallery, London

Artists: David Bomberg with responses by Michael Ajerman, Simon Keenleyside, Sarah Lightman, Jane Millican, Gideon Rubin, Joe Schneider,Adriana Swierszczek, Polly Townsend

This exhibition commemorated and celebrated the life and work of David Bomberg in a unique manner most appropriate to his own ethos of working with, challenging and inspiring the current generation of artists. Fifty years after Bombergs death a select group of contemporary artists were invited to respond to a work by David Bomberg in the Ben Uri Gallery permanent collection. This new generation of artists explored elements of Bomberg legacy.

Many questions are raised throughout their artistic process:
- What still attracts artists to Bomberg's visual language?
- Are there associations between contemporary artists who respond to Bomberg's practice?
- To what extent can an artist communicate and engage with another artist痴 practice years after their death?

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