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Diary Drawing


With: Gabrielle Bell, David Blandy, Oliver East, Alex Fox, Miriam Katin, Sarah Lightman, Lady Lucy, Mio Matsumoto, Rutu Modan, Ariel Schrag and Rebecca Swindell.

The Centre for Recent Drawing, London


The School of the Arts, Northampton University.


The Centre for Recent Drawing presented Diary Drawing, an exhibition curated by Sarah Lightman.

Diary Drawing brings together disparate types of visual journals and autobiographical graphic novels to examine drawing and diary making as process of thinking and acting, fundamental to human experience. Diary Drawing explores the application of line as a means of documenting, rendering and transcribing intimate and individual histories to a public audience.

Lightman has included artists who use conventional idioms of comic-making as well as more exploratory employments of materials: cigarettes drawings, sketch books and an online blog. The artworks show diary drawing as a method of documenting performance, journeys, romantic disappointments and the survival of the Nazi Holocaust and cancer. This exhibition also includes artworks that use diary drawing as a method of pursuing fictitious autobiographies.

This show toured to The School of the Arts, Northampton University, for the Conference, "Paraliterary Narratives; Reassessing the Graphic Novel" 6-7th June 2008.

A panel discussion with Paul Gravett and exhibiting artists took place on 6.15-7pm, 7 May 2008.

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