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The Reluctant Bride

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The Reluctant Bride

The unceasing circle of life- preparing for my wedding, whilst knowing my desperately ill Grandpa will not see me under the chuppah [wedding canopy].


 "The Reluctant Bride [...] was completed as she prepared for her marriage to husband Charlie two years ago. She tells me: 'I wasn’t reluctant to get married, but it was more to do with big Jewish weddings! I describe how the woman in the shop was more excited about my tight, white shoes than I was, and about my fear of fitting into a dress – rather than the dress fitting me. So in that sense I was a reluctant bride.' But the story then evolves from planning a wedding to visiting her desperately ill grandfather in hospital, knowing he will not live to see her under the chuppah. 'It meanders from the public struggle to the incredibly intimate and says, in this situation, what really matters is family.'"

"Sarah Lightman draws on her life experiences". London Jewish News. Francine Wolfisz (May 2013)




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