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Ariel Kahn interviews Sarah Lightman

In this Jewish Quarterly podcast, artist Sarah Lightman chats to Ariel Kahn about the themes of her show The Book of Sarah – Jewish identity in art, graphic art, Feminism and Autobiography.

This was published on the Jewish Quarterly website on May 2013


Sarah Lightman interviews Catherine Yass - 26:58

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This interview was aired on November 21st 2008

Sarah Lightman  interviews Catherine Yass about her most recent exhibition 'High Wire', at the German Gymnasium, London. In 'High Wire'  Catherine filmed Didier Pasquette as he walked on a wire between two high rise buildings on Glasgow's Red Road. In the four screen film the viewer is aware of the brutal and enormous architecture  as well as the vulnerability, the danger, and the extraordinary power of the artist's and wire-walker's imagination. The exhibition also includes a new series of Yass' lightboxes which evolved from the project at Red Road.  Questions considered include how is walking on a high wire a metaphor for living,  and how does this work relate to previous projects by Catherine including 'Lock' filmed at the Three Gorges Dam, 'Descent' at Canary Wharf, and 'Wall' following the barrier between Israel and Palestinian Territories?


Sarah Lightman interviews Marcus Coates and Meryl Doney - 51:15

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This was aired on Resonance FM on October 22nd, 2008.

On 18 September 2008 Marcus Coates performed ‘Pastoral Spirit‘ in Wallspace, an art space in the historic church of All Hallows on the Wall in the City of London.

“Pastoral Spirit’ was a series of shamanistic journeys solely for the benefit of the audience, to answer questions asked by individuals present. Marcus was assisted by a live choir mimicking a range of animal calls and bird songs, to seek contact and information from animal and bird spirits.”

Between 8 and 9pm during this evening’s Clear Spot, Sarah Lightman discusses the event and its implications with Marcus Coates and Meryl Doney, Director of Wallspace.

Marcus Coates questions how we perceive human-ness through imagined non-human realities. An extensive knowledge and understanding of British wildlife has led him to create unique interpretations of the natural world and its evolving relationship with society.

Sarah Lightman interviews the artists of Schmatte Couture

In discussion with Stuart Mayes, Sue Goldschmidt and Jacqueline Nichols.

This was aired on Resonance FM September 11 2009.