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Dr. Sarah Lightman is an artist, author and curator. In this website you can find out more about her publications, lectures and artwork. Sarah's studio is at the Koppel Hive.



Photography by Louise Beecham

Sarah Lightman on the 'Graphic Details: Confessional Comics By Jewish Women' exhibition at  WOW, The South Bank Centre


Recent Academic Awards

Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Arts at Birkbeck College, University of London (2018/19)

Rothschild Foundation Travel Grant (2017)

Artwork in Exhibitions and Publications

The Book of Sarah (Solo Show)

The Koppel Gallery, Soho (May 2019)


Forthcoming Talks and Workshops

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“Sarah vs Sarah in The Book of Sarah”, Autobiographics Panel, Drawing Yourself In and Out of It,”, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam. (November)

Megillat Esther Levy in Miriam Katin’s We Are On Our Own”, Association of Jewish Studies, Conference, Boston. (December)

  "The Book of Sarah", (Keynote), (Self-)documentation and (Self) Constitution of Gendered Cultural Identities

Bochum, Germany (January 2019) (Keynote)

Recent publications/press

for a full list of publications please see here

Going into Town; A Love Letter to New York (Review)

Jewish Quarterly (Autumn 2018)

"Sarah Lightman/The Book of Sarah" in The Inking Woman (Myriad Editions) by Nicola Streeten and Cath Tate (March 2018)








The Book of Sarah

(Myriad Editions, May 2019)


The Book of Sarah is missing from the bible, so artist Sarah Lightman sets out to make her own: questioning religion, family, motherhood and what it takes to be an artist in this quietly subversive visual autobiography from NW3.

The Jerusalem Bible, Ellerdale Road, St Paul’s Girls School and a baby monitor: books and streets, buildings and objects ll this bildungsroman set in Hampstead, North West London. Sarah Lightman has been drawing her life since she was a 22-year-old undergraduate at The Slade School of Art. The Book of Sarah traces her journey from modern Jewish orthodoxy to a feminist Judaism, as she searches between the complex layers of family and family history that she inherited and inhabited. While the act of drawing came easily, the letting go of past failures, attachments and expectations did not. It is these that form the focus of Sarah’s astonishingly beautiful pages, as we bear witness to her making the world her own



"From daughter to mother, from the Slade to Hampstead, Sarah Lightman traces her journey from modern Jewish orthodoxy to feminist Judaism. Her acutely sensitive, full-page pencil drawings are accompanied by hand-written commentaries questioning how family, religion, art and life have shaped her."

Paul Gravett, The Bookseller


The real power in the work comes from Lightman’s wit and imagination, which has a lightness that belies the seriousness of the existential questions within.’

Nadia Valman and Rachel Garfield, Jewish Quarterly.


‘Sarah Lightman is like the poster-child for a new kind of feminist activist— scholar, artist, curator, and cheerleader for comics that reveal and shape new forms of Jewish consciousness’

Ariel Kahn, Jewish Quarterly, Summer 2017





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